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Love the water that loves you!

AVIVE™ aims to produce Healthy Water for your home. Healthy Water is oxygen-rich, clean and free of harmful chemicals. AVIVE™ treats many of the challenges presented by Hard Water, Soft Water and Municipal Water. AVIVE™ water is good for you and tastes great straight from the tap. And AVIVE™ treats water in ways that are kind to pipes, fixtures and good for the environment.

Make your home ‘part of the solution’.
Healthy water. Cleaner pipes and tanks. Lower cost. Better source protection...Elimination of disease-causing by-products. Effective recycling, re-use and restore capabilities...Tastes great straight from the tap — so less bottled water. Reduced landfill. Cleaner air. Reduced energy...See what we mean? There really is an extraordinary ripple effect.

– Jim Shubat,
Founder of SanEcoTec Ltd. Owner of AVIVE™

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AVIVE™ is as nature intended.

The AVIVE™ Healthy Water System uses hydrogen peroxide instead of other chemicals. Hydrogen peroxide is natural to the environment and to the human body. It’s been in your household medicine cabinet for generations. Hydrogen peroxide’s chemical formula is H2O2, which is water – H2O – with an extra oxygen molecule bonded to it. What could be better than water with extra oxygen?

Our daughter had a very serious water problem...
It was absolutely awful. There was a terrible smell throughout the entire house and she didn’t even want to use the shower. And then the AVIVE™ people arrived and fixed it in 48 hours! It’s great water now. We couldn’t be more pleased and we thank you very much for your help and advice.



What Are You Drinking?

Chlorine kills viruses and bacteria, but also forms potentially harmful DBPs. The lack of biofilm control can create problems too.

Alkaline Water can provide short-term benefit to help return pH to balance. But it can also allow bacteria to breed, which is why you disinfect in the first place.

Distilled Water eliminates scaling caused by calcium, but also removes the natural mineral content that makes water so essential to good nutrition.

Water Aeration Systems help oxygenate water – but the water doesn’t remain so for long and can be susceptible to bacteria too.

Reverse Osmosis, on its own, can make water acidic, which – based on drinking water guidelines for pH levels – can be potentially unhealthy.

Any treatment of water that alters the pH balance changes the buffering capability of water to moderate different foods and nutrients. Buffering is the miraculous quality of water that makes it so important to good nutrition.


  • Healthy Water
  • Cleaner Pipes
  • Better control of plumbing pathogens
  • Answers to most well water, surface water and municipal water challenges – and,
  • Tastes great straight from the tap!

The image says it all...

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Our team works in your local area and we’re a family-owned and operated business.

Huwa-San Technology is certified for Drinking Water Standard 60 by NSF • Certified by Ecocert Canada
International Quality System Certification: ISO 13485, ISO 13485:2003, ISO 14001 and ISO 9001:2008

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